International Mother Language Day resources

International Mother Language Day (21st February) promotes linguistic and cultural diversity, multilingualism and tolerance. This collection features primary, secondary and whole school resources celebrating multilingualism and highlighting the importance of languages.

Primary Resources

Language of the month

A collection of video resources promoting language learning and heritage awareness within the school community.

We all say hello

Practise greetings in other languages with this Hamilton Trust resource.


Secondary Resources

Celebrity linguists

A selection of celebrity images with their views and appreciation of languages for corridor display.

Language display

A colourful display which encourages the celebration of languages and heritage for the classroom.

Celebrating language

Click the relevant languages on this website to see and listen to pupils using their first home languages.

The multilingual school

A Teachers TV video showing how a school environment celebrates diversity through EAL schemes and initiatives.

Celebrating diversity

A school containing 50% EAL students shows how it supports students with its philosophy of ‘Your spoken language matters’.

Dual language books

A link to The School of Education at the University of East London which is in the process of building a collection of dual language books for teaching and research.


Whole School Resources

World language and culture

Lesson resources all geared towards different cultures from around the world, encouraging awareness of language and diversity with quizzes and fun facts.

Sports personalities

PowerPoint slides of famous sports personalities for display to raise profile of language learning.