International school libraries month

There is no better time to convince pupils to visit the library than International School Libraries Month. Get students scanning the shelves and picking up a book with this global celebration of school libraries. Make the library central to your teaching this month with lesson activities, teaching resources and games to encourage students to find a favourite book or story that will stay with them for life.

In the library

Libraries: What’s the point?

The Institute of Ideas asks students whether books are still the essence of libraries. Get students debating and thinking about what libraries will be like in the future with this guide.

Student librarians

Nurture students’ love for reading by encouraging them to become library volunteers. Try this application form and training scheme to get started.

Shelf markers

Make sure students know where to return their books with these handy library marker cards.

Book hunt

Stop pupils feeling lost in the library with this activity where they must search the shelves for clues.

Library signs

Brighten up your library with these colourful signs.

Library induction

If your students haven’t made a trip to the library yet, this PowerPoint presentation is just what you need to prepare them about the experience.

Class library

Try these top tips for getting the most out of your class library space.

I spy…

Use these colourful cards to help pupils spot sites in the library.

Book borrowing forms

Use these simple forms to keep track of which books have been borrowed from your class library.

Encouraging reading

Read me hearties

All aboard the swashbuckling library ship with this pirate-themed activity.

Promoting reading

Inspire students to get lost in a good book with this Ofsted guide to good practice.

Hows and whys of reading

Encourage students to read with these picture cards – perfect for children with moderate learning difficulties.

Inspiration to read

These quotes and labels make up a great display for International School Libraries Month.

Reading Olympiads

Add a competitive edge to school reading with this fantastic challenge which encourages students to read and parents to support them.

Reading habits

Find out children’s thoughts on reading with this quick questionnaire – a great library-themed maths lesson.

Famous writers

Behind every book is an author with their own story – try this biography research project to encourage year 9s to find out about popular writers.

Creative reading-log activities

Use these tips and ideas to challenge young readers to engage with books in new and exciting ways.