January assemblies

2 New year: Resolutions

  • Reflect on the importance of resolutions and show students how New Year is celebrated around the world with this Christian Aid assembly.

3 Reduce, reuse, recycle

  • After the Christmas excess of wrapping paper, leftovers and cards, encourage students to recycle with this poignant presentation.

4 World Braille Day

  • Saturday (5 January) is World Braille Day – introduce students to the story of Louis Braille and how he came to invent the system which has helped blind people to read.


7 Rome wasn’t built in a day

  • As we welcome the New Year it’s the perfect time to introduce the man responsible for the original Julian calendar. With an extract from Julius Caesar for beginners, you can get them interested in Shakespeare too.

8 Snooze

  • Feeling sleepy during these winter months? Talk about how much sleep we need and what sleeping positions say about you. A light-hearted assembly to get students smiling.

9 Revision time

  • Inspire students whose exams are approaching with this personal example of the consequences of not getting the grades.

10 Dieting

  • What is healthy eating? Get students discussing these photos to decide.

11 What we deserve

  • Thursday (11 January) is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Help pupils understand the rights we’re all entitled to with this human rights assembly.

14 Study skills

  • From getting organised to strategies for home studying, pick from this collection of study skills presentations to motivate your students.

15 World Religion Day

  • Show students how different religions share similar values while celebrating the diversity of the world’s people.

16 Big Schools’ Birdwatch

  • Listen and look at the birds of Britain with this interactive PowerPoint. The birdwatch continues until February 1.

17 To the South Pole

  • On this day (1912) Captain Scott reached the South Pole, sadly dying on his return journey. Follow his adventure with this retelling of his story.

18 Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too

  • It’s A.A. Milne’s birthday today - celebrate with this biography of the cherished children’s author.

21 Martin Luther King Day

  • Sunday (21 January) is the day Americans celebrate this important figure of the Civil Rights movement. Explore the journey he took to encourage equality.

22 Non-Smoking Week

  • Encourage students to kick the habit with this presentation which shows just how much money they could save by quitting.

23 Chinese New Year

  • From money envelopes to Chinese lanterns, explore the traditions of the Chinese celebration.

24 MacMillian Cancer Talk Week

  • Talk about cancer - its causes, its effects and the different types that people contract – and encourage students to live a healthy life to decrease their chances of getting the disease.

25 Burns Night

  • Haggis, neeps and tatties are the food on most Scottish supper tables on Thursday evening (25 January). Tell students why with this assembly about the country’s national poet, Robert Burns.

28 Holocaust Memorial Day

  • Saturday (27 January) marks the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. Educate students about the values of this commemorative day.

29 Don’t be rude

  • Emphasise the importance of good manners with this assembly on rudeness.

30 Friendship

  • This lovely series of quotes emphasises the value of friendship.

31 National Storytelling Week

  • For a whole school adventure introduce story conventions with this student-led assembly.

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