January topics

January teaching topics

Happy New Year! We've got everything you need to kick off 2014 in the classroom. Try these free teaching resources on a number of January topics, including New Year, Martin Luther King Day and Holocaust Memorial Day. See more January events

Celebrate the start of 2014 with teaching resources focused on the upcoming new year. Featuring calendars, poetry, goal setting and plenty of celebrations.

Teach pupils about the different faiths practised across the world with these teaching resources. Reflect on interfaith values, celebrate difference and embrace similarities between religions and belief systems.

Teaching resources to commemorate the work of Martin Luther King Jr and to help pupils discover the significance of the Civil Rights movement.

Get twitching! Join the RSPB in raising awareness of our feathery friends by grabbing some binoculars and seeing which birds you can spot.

Help pupils carve a positive future by reflecting on the past with these teaching resources commemorating the Holocaust and other atrocities in countries such as Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

The Chinese calendar is represented by one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. Celebrate the Year of the Horse with these teaching resources and activities.

More January events:

Christmas card recycling (2 January)

World Braille Day (4 January)

Twelfth Night (5 January)

Epiphany (6 January)