Jobseeking advice for new teachers & trainees

Finding free resources to support the needs of new teachers can be a challenge, especially when everyone is so short on time. We have gathered some helpful advice, tips and guidance for trainees for jobseeking, applications and interview tips. These resources can supplement your aims to perfect job applications, foster good working relationships and meet standards at this exciting time in every teaching career.


A guide to the recruitment maze

The why, when and how of jobseeking.

Finding your first teaching post

Advice for final year trainee teachers and NQTs on finding their first teaching position.

Application advice

Example application letters

Context document for a job application with two fictitious letters of application as examples.

Interview tips

Interview strengths

Identify a strength and/or a weakness of each of the three selected candidates from a video clip.

Interview question ideas

A bank of typical interview questions and answers.

Interview question bank

Another batch of interview questions pulled from the forums.

Teachers TV job hunting tips for trainees

Practical advice for interviews

Completing the portfolio

Get on the right track for meeting the QTS

Further support & advice

Induction - Getting started as an NQT

Top tips for teaching practice