June teaching topics

Topical teaching resources for June

June is a busy month marked by a variety of events, including RSPCA Week and Refugee Week. For many students, the month of June is characterised largely by exams. To help you introduce students to global events, plan for summer learning and make it through to the end of term, we’ve put together all the free teaching resources and revision activities you’ll need.

Child Safety Week (1-7) Child Safety Week raises awareness of accidents that seriously injure or kill children every year and the steps that we can take to help prevent them. Teach children about creating safer environments and how to avoid potential dangers.

RSPCA Week (1-7) Help pupils to gain an understanding of animal welfare issues and how the RSPCA works to ensure all animals can live a life free from cruelty. Explore how to make your school grounds animal-friendly and debate animal rights.

Refugee Week (15-21) Refugee Week is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of refugees and to promote a better understanding of why people in need seek sanctuary. We’ve selected resources to help you and your students take part.

Summer teaching resources Take advantage of the warmer weather and make summer the focus of your lessons with these creative ideas for outside activities. Introduce seasonal topics and explore learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Phonics The phonics screening check commences on the week beginning 15 June. Prepare your pupils with these phonics resources – including videos, complete sets of flashcards and the most popular resources shared by teachers on TES.

Revision techniques Help GCSE students organise their revision and identify areas they need to focus on with these revision aids. From flashcards to advice on revision techniques, use these resources to ensure students are motivated and ready for exams.

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