Prepare students for the KS2 SATs tests this summer with this range of hand-picked past papers, planning, study skills and revision resources to turn scared students into confident children.

Top KS2 SATs resources

Writing checklist for levels

Maths SATs questions

Numeracy revision: A pupil guide

SATs spelling list

Maths SATs practice papers

SATs Maths revision quiz

Probability SATS questions on spinners

Streamed Literacy work pre-SATs

Spelling punctuation and grammar SATs revision aid

Optional SATs English

SATs build up plan

Reading comprehension

Auto-calculating sub-level thresholds

Top Tips for Reading - SATs

Maths SATs revision game

Post SATs Investigations

SATs questions on probability


A home guide to Sats

Help parents / guardians to help their children with this handy guide to the sats tests.

Test time tips

Looking for ways to calm nerves and prep pupils, this video shares a number of ideas.

Revision timetable

Plan your preparation week by week with this simple overview.

Sats treasure trail

Revision doesn’t have to boring- cover maths and English content with this fun, whole class game.


Mental maths

Differentiated quick fire question to test those mental maths skills.

Summer term revision guide

Day-by-day topic breakdown to make sure everything’s covered.

Past paper sublevel breakdowns

Quick reference guide to level boundaries

Revision lesson plans

Lesson plans to shape your revision.


First News Comprehension

Handy close looks at reading comprehension from the popular young people’s newspaper.

Colourful comprehension

Develop comprehension confidence with this useful PowerPoint presentation.

Short writing prompts

Inspire ideas in your young writers with this series of themes to get stories started.

Non-fiction posters

Clear and concise posters for quick revision on Non-Fiction genres.


Science Boot Camp

A popular lesson-by-lesson activity guide to boost pupil’s scientific know-how before the tests.

Unit tests

Check students’ knowledge of key science topics with these end of unit quick tests.

Science vocab

Make sure the right vocab is used at the right time with this popular PowerPoint focusing on science words.