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French - Olympics

Jeux Olympiques

  • A very thoughtfully structured resource introducing the history of the Olympics in French. Excellent visuals, accessible language and exactly the right level of detail for an introduction to the theme.

The Olympics - French

  • A very useful reading comprehension that could provide an excellent springboard for students to debate the positives and negatives of major sporting events like the Olympic Games.

Le Sport

  • There is a lot here. It is not about the Olympics explicitly, but many of the activities would fit the theme. Great links to YouTube clips of extreme sports too.

Trip to the Olympics

  • A PPT presentation modelling a description, using the futur proche, of a trip to the Olympics in London.

Amy Williams – reading sheet

  • Reading text in the form of an interview with skeleton Olympic champion Amy Williams. As well as an excellent activity in its own right, it would be useful preparation for spoken interviews with other sports personalities.

French sports personalities

  • French clues to the identities of French sports personalities – a great activity for a Year 12 class.

Olympic verbs

  • The idea is to get students to learn key verbs with the incentive of a bronze, silver or gold “medal”. Peer assessment used for bronze and silver.

Les Sports – Les JO

  • I love the venues activity in this lesson.

Les Jeux Olympiques

  • A simple, but very effective worksheet using the Olympic sports.

Les sports olympiques

  • A very useful worksheet with super clear layout to practise sports – faire or jouer.

Olympic Games Song in French

  • Fun, catchy and ideal for a whole school assembly. Taken from the resource French Olympic Theme Days La Jolie Ronde Languages for Children. Copyright of La Jolie Ronde.

German - Olympics

Meine Stadt brochure for Olympic visitors

  • An excellent writing task/frame for describing your home town to encourage Olympics visitors.

Olympics PPT and worksheet

  • A useful PPT with the 2012 Olympic sports in German to form the basis of further work and a very useful reading comprehension task on Ben Ainslie (French and German versions uploaded)

Die olympischen Spiele

  • A super resource with a PPT and accompanying worksheet – would work extremely well with middle – lower ability sets.

Die Olympischen Spiele

  • The past/present comparison element sits so nicely with this material. It’s a topical take on the theme ‘in der Stadt’ and it’s very logically presented!

Paired dictation / translation – healthy living

  • A little tangential to the Olympics themselves perhaps, but in line with fitness and healthy living topic, this is a useful little activity.


  • Staying with the theme of keeping healthy and staying fit, this is a challenging activity. The latter slides have good sports visuals for consolidation work too.

Spanish - Olympics

las olimpiadas / juegos olimpicos

  • An extensive worksheet on the Olympics – very useful indeed!

Los Juegos Olimpicos - Londres

  • Lesson developing simple sentences for describing then and now, using the Olympics venues as a stimulus.

Los Juegos Olimpicos – 2a

  • A lesson comparing the ancient Olympic sporting events with those of the modern-day Olympics. Accessible target language for Y8/9.

Entrevista con Rafa Nadal

  • Listening and reading texts to model interview language in preparation for students preparing their own interviews with sports celebrities

Los JJOO – definiciiones y jugar al tabú

  • Some excellent material borrowed (with permission) from Neil Jones in this lesson in which students get more confident at using language to create clues to different sports in an oral game activity and consolidate by writing text for a web entry on the ancient sport of Pok-Ta-Pok.

Y8 Sentence-building

  • Slides to build up to describing/defining different sports in Spanish. Develops sentence-building skills on the theme of sports. Would make a useful addition to any SOW on the Olympics.

Los Juegos Olimpicos – texto de comprension

  • Spanish text on the Olympic Games, including history of ancient and modern games, their format and organisation – with 3 activities to follow.

El equipamiento deportivo

  • Simple vocabulary worksheet - to encourage reference skills within the theme of the Olympics or sports in general.

Los Juegos Olimpicos – fechas y lugares

  • A reading comprehension - relatively straightforward - to identify sports, their venue and date, from 2012 Olympics.

Los deportes olimpicos

  • A very simple match up with Spanish/English versions of Olympics sports, plus the dates when they became Olympic sports. For a lower ability group to introduce the vocabulary – with answers too.

Que deportes practicas

  • Lesson more generally on sport but the two starter activities relate to the Olympics

An interactive lesson on Sports

  • Not Olympics- focused as such but a very thoroughly-planned, detailed resource on sports, guaranteed to keep a class active and focused.

Olympic Games Song in Spanish

  • Olympic Games Song in French. Fun, catchy and ideal for a whole school assembly. Taken from the resource French Olympic Theme Days La Jolie Ronde Languages for Children. Copyright of La Jolie Ronde

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