Let's get cooking

Scheme of work: entry level food technology

  • A useful resource, in an editable format, that can be used as a solid starting point when working with pupils who need a little extra support. katetulett

Food recipes - widgit

  • A selection of recipe cards, covering both sweet and savoury. Widgit_Teachers

Macaroni cheese recipe card and shopping List

  • Recipe card and shopping list to help those students developing their independence and life skills. jwinchester

Scrambled egg on toast recipe

  • Easy to follow photo & text based recipe sheet. benice

Recipe cards written in symwriter

  • Recipe Cards with Ingredient lists and methods and written in Symwriter - as prepared, cooked and eaten by Post 16 SLD/MLD students. rcarpenter2

SymbolWorld eLive

  • SymbolWorld is a website created by Widgit Software, dedicated to people who use symbols. The website includes a number of useful recipes among other items. Widgit_Software

Ancient Roman bread recipe

  • History and cooking together in one place. Lovely cross curricular resource to support a Roman topic. kakacik

Medium term plan food technology

  • Clearly presented medium term planning. Based around Christmas but adaptable and editable. dinx67

Kitchen symbols and pictures

  • A collection of pictures showing kitchen equipment that could be used to suppport pupils with special needs in cookery lessons. lbrowne

Making a Pizza: story and game

  • Not a recipe but a nice game based around a food topic that can be used to build cooperative skills in the classroom. languageisheartosay

Easter egg nest instructions

  • Visual cooking instructions for making Easter nests. Aimed at reception or SEN children. BJW

Wash your hands strips

  • Simple strips that can be positioned over sinks as visual reminders. Uses PCS symbols. bevevans22

Crispy cake cookbook

  • Blow the healthy schools campaign for a day and make chocolate crispy cakes. Simple symbol, photo and word cook book. Ideal for SEN or young children. ibuzzybea

Gingerbread recipe with symbols

  • Symbols based Gingerbread recipe (widgit symbols) ideal for SEN food technology and Early years. benpartridge

Rock bun recipe

  • Text based recipe in a step by step flow chart. Totally editable, allowing picture or symbol support to be added if necessary. ggooch

Apple tarts widgit recipe

  • Full colour, step by step guide created using Widgit symbols. deb1

Sandwich ingredient flash cards

  • Simple flashcards that could be used with SEN children when writing instructions or preparing sandwiches. Also useful for EAL. cheeriness

Washing hands routine

  • Symbol cards to be used in a mini-schedule to help children with the routine of washing their hands.  Kirby Woods

Fruit salad sequencing cards

  • Clear A4 posters with simple text and picture prompts. Could be used on the IWB, as a display or as smaller table top cards to guide pupils. bevevans22