LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month, which begins on 1 February, aims to promote tolerance and raise awareness of the prejudices faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Our LGBT collection offers support and guidance to primary and secondary schools in challenging homophobic bullying, celebrating diversity and supporting students and teachers of all genders and sexualities. All of our resources have been shared by TES partners to help teachers.

Resources from Stonewall Education

Challenging homophobic language

Stonewall Education’s guide will give you the tools you need to prevent homophobic language in school.

The words we use

Help pupils understand how the words they use can affect people.

The diversity of loving relationships

A lesson plan to help your class to begin to recognise the diversity of loving relationships.

Diversity in families

Explore the diversity of and within families with this lesson plan.

Unseen on screen: Gay people on youth TV

Read this enlightening study into the portrayal of gay people on youth TV.

Working with faith communities

A sensitive guide for working with faith communities and managing the relationship between faith and sexual orientation.

Resources from The Classroom

All relationships? All equal?

This lesson covers different types of relationships and the impact of prejudice, bullying, discrimination on individuals and communities.

Same and different

Encourage your class to think about how people are all different and that difference is something to celebrate through the book Something Else by Kathryn Cave.

All kinds of people, all kinds of sex

A lesson to prompt open and frank discussion about the sexual activities of people of all orientations. An excellent source of support for anyone who finds the idea of an SRE lesson with a discussion of LGBT sex intimidating.

Gender variance

Lesson plans and activities to about the diversity of human sex and gender, and how it is seen in different cultures.

Hidden histories

This important lesson gets pupils to consider why the history of minority groups might be hidden or retold.

LGBT schools toolkit

A useful toolkit highlighting legislation supporting the introduction of LGBT elements in the curriculum – and how to promote LGBT History Month.

Resources from SexEDUKation

Sexual orientation and homophobia

A great selection of starters, mains and extension activities for covering sexual orientation and homophobia within your lessons.

Resources from Teachers TV

Gay teachers

A short video following the lives of five gay teachers to find out how they cope with working in a school.

Challenging Homophobia

See how one school has taken steps towards a homophobia-free school environment.

Resources from TrueTube

LGBT History Month

A lovely assembly pack to celebrate LGBT History Month. Includes a game, several films and the story of Alan Turing as an example of LGBT contribution to maths, science and engineering.

Resources from Show Racism the Red Card

Homophobia: Let’s tackle it

Educate your pupils about the causes and consequences of homophobia and empower them to be the ones who challenge it.

More resources

Homophobic bullying assembly

Explore the idea of equality for everyone – with specific reference to LGBT History Month – with this assembly PowerPoint presentation.

Religion and human relationships

A fantastic set of lesson ideas and tutorials examining religious attitudes towards love, sex, pre-marital sex, types of families, cohabitation and homosexuality.

Sexuality discussion lesson

Use this excellent lesson plan as a springboard from which to address a multitude of issues surrounding sexuality and prejudice.