Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week - 12 July 2013

Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week - 12 July 2013

12 July 2013

Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week

Cruel summers
Make a play date
The secret of Blyton's success
Keeping a weather eye on the sky

Weather web quest

  • Try a meteorological exploration with this web quest from nationalmuseums.

Blyton notes

  • Explore the world of the Secret Seven with teachers' notes from hodderchildrens.

Outdoor maths

  • Investigate ways of measuring the playground in this outdoor mathematics activity from carrie4.

Future weather

  • Discuss extreme weather in Britain, then forecast the weather in 2050.

Further resources

Blyton workbook

  • Use this comprehensive workbook from ladysarahC to navigate your way through Enid Blyton's Five on a Treasure Island.

Outdoor science

  • Matilda Maxwell's worksheets help students to make observations about local habitats in outdoor science lessons.

Weather diary

  • Record temperature, rainfall, wind speed and cloud cover in this week-long diary from naturedetectives.

Weather boxes

  • Prepare for all seasons with cal22's resource, which offers activities and resources for different types of weather.

World Weather

  • Where in the world am I? In this lesson from alext1985, students guess the identities of six countries based on temperature and rainfall data.

The royal baby that breaks all the rules
Sister act
Place your Beths
Baby blues are in the blood

Elizabeth I

  • Introduce Elizabeth I with video clips, portraits and activities in this lesson for 11- to 14-year-olds.

3heirs 1066

  • Show students why it wasn't clear who the heir to the throne was in 1066 with this PowerPoint and poster task.


  • This resource considers the responsibilities of parenthood and the attributes that a parent should have.

Make laws

  • How are laws made and changed? this resource explores the roles of courts, members of Parliament and the Queen.

Further resources

Royal Baby

  • Debate the media coverage of the royal baby with this news article and suggested activities.

Post natal

  • This video explores the signs, symptoms and treatment of post-natal depression.

Living costs

  • How much does it cost to provide for a family of four? explore the realities of today's living costs with this The Price Is Right-style activity.

Newsreport Writing

  • Introduce your class to the basics of news writing in TESEnglish's activity.

News Values

  • EmmyCD's lesson considers how news stories are reported and why some are given more prominence than others.

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Ramadan, 9 July – 7 August

The Big Butterfly Count, 20 July – 11 August

Special needs resources:

All aboard

  • Do your students dread mathematics lessons? Allay their fears with this engaging Maths Bus activity, ideal for practising addition and subtraction.

Writing 'skeletons'

  • Give reluctant writers a helping hand in a lesson on non-fiction writing. Teach students how to write "skeletons" and give them an overview of how to plan a piece of writing.

Expressing emotions

  • If your students struggle to express themselves verbally, try these "emotions strips". Students can point to the symbols that represent what they are feeling.

Top 5 assemblies

Summer holidays

  • Advise students on how to make the most of their summer break in TrueTube's assembly, which includes a video and holiday dos and don'ts.

Sing a song in two languages

  • A bilingual song about saying goodbye and moving on to pastures new. Ideal for leavers' evenings and assemblies.

Time to reminisce

  • Students look back on their time at primary school in this entertaining Big Brother style assembly.

It's good to be me

  • Encourage students to appreciate the talents of others in this feel-good assembly in which everyone works together.

What makes a hero?

  • Try this thought-provoking assembly on what it takes to be a hero.