Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week - 14th June 2013

Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week - 14th June 2013

14 June 2013

Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week

Time for change?
Working for a living
Pocket money adds up
The personal touch

Playground Lessons

  • Develop students' French skills with Teachers TV video clipa about playground games and pocket money.

Pocket Money Banking

  • Explore banking and pocket money with Personal Finance Education Group's lesson.

Household Chores

  • What chores do your students do and what pocket money do they receive for them ? Ask in French with CamilleRaoul’s resource.

Enterprise Activity

  • Help children learn about profit and lossand make presentations for their own businesses using StratfordCity’s project.

Further resources

Money Collector

  • Play the money collector game to help students recognise different coins.

Money In My Purse

  • Add up coins in purses with a worksheet shared by nehap.

Piggy Bank Money

  • Which coins could be used to make a given amount? Find out in spingy’s piggy bank activity.

Child Labour Lesson

  • Take your class back to a time of child labour with blimmers’ lesson on Victorian Britain.

Saving Up

  • Practise numeracy skills with a TESiboard activity on saving. 

Grammar matters - if u want 2 b loved
A whole new futbol game
Way with words
It's all Greek to me

Grammar Flash cards

  • Brush up on grammar basics with TES Connect's flash cards.

SPaG activities

  • Try a resource from TESEnglish, full of lesson starters on spelling, punctuation and grammar.

History Of English

  • Explore the history of the English language with lessons on Beowulf and the Lord’s Prayer in Anglo Saxon.

Spanish Grammar Book

  • Use milpin’s Spanish Grammar Notebook (Cuaderno de Gramática) to help students remember the key points.

Further resources

French Prepositions

  • Get your students practising prepositions of place in French with lydiadavies’ set of teaching resources. Includes a differentiated activity and effective visuals.

Grammar Starters

  • Remind your students of when to use all the grammar basics from capital letters to semi-colons with johncallaghan’s grammar activities.

Grammar PPT

  • Make English grammar sound fun with itjohni’s interactive PowerPoint lesson.

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Special needs resources:

Voyage of discovery

  • Send children on a minibeast hunt with a selection of discovery sheets from bevevans2 that include visual prompts and symbols to help them along.

Clever questions

  • Do you like looking in the mirror? Develop students’ self-esteem, empathy and cooperation skills using Mecky Turner’s series of quick questions.

Speak easy

  • Help students who struggle to converse by getting them to take it in turns to speak with a classmate using appropriate language. See Matt Grant’s checklist.

Top 5 assemblies

Game, set and match

  • Which tennic players will triumph at the Wimbledon Championships this year? More importantly, what dreams and aspirations do your students have? Inspire them to achieve their goals with Irabbetts’ assembly.

Refugee Week, 17-23 June, UK

  • Using an assembly and presentation from TES Connect partner Christian Aid, introduce students to refugees in Burma and Bangladesh.

Working together

  • The story of Farmer Sheep teaches students how people who are different can work together and develop good relationships.

Acts of kindness

  • Explore the role of kindness in our lives, and encourage students to help other people with an assembly shared by jeanettedav.

Brain food

  • Prepare for National Bookstart Week (24-30 June, UK), and remind students why it’s important to feed their brains with books, using a PowerPoint from gibboanseo.