Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week - 17 May 2013

Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week

17 May 2013

Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week

Prepare for lift-off
Space travel, technology and aliens

Space tourism

  • Students design a postcard from space in this lesson from Physics_Teacher.

Alien planet

  • Jesta123’s cross-curricular resource booklet will help children to create their own alien planet.

Space PPT

  • Explore Space to infinity and beyond with outonthewold’s selection of Buzz Lightyear-inspired presentations.

SciFi stories

  • Encourage children to write their own science-fiction stories with a lesson plan and activities from DavidHows1977’s.

Further resources

Robots topic

  • Help our class understand how pneumatics create movement – and bring robots to life – with lorraryall's lesson plan.

Mars explorers

  • Set your students a futuristic challenge and get them to design a rover to land on Mars.

Alien life activity

  • Is there life on other planets? Under-5s discuss aliens in laluna404’s fun activity.

Stars and moon

  • Students make a simple telescope and find out how to identify constellations in a lesson from TESConnect partner HamiltonTrust.

Kidnapped and held prisoner for a decade
Abduction, slavery and criminal behaviour

Crime and punishment intro

  • Debate the causes of crime and suitable punishments in dana2010’s lesson.

Evil and suffering

  • Consider evil and the suffering caused by humans with a thought-provoking PowerPoint from kimmybob.


  • Discuss the long-term effects of malnutrition with a PowerPoint lesson from TES partner foodafactoflife.

Make women matter

  • Highlight the health of women around the world during pregnancy and childbirth in lessons from TESConnect.

Violence against women assembly

  • Discuss how violence against women can be brought to an end in an assembly shared by TESConnect partner TrueTube.

Further resources

Newsworthy stories

  • Discuss what makes an event newsworthy in a lesson shared by TESConnect partner NGfLCymru’s.

TV reporting

  • Help pupils write their own television news broadcast with fruitywibble’s PowerPoint.

News report writing

  • Introduce your class to the basics of news writing from TES English.

News values

  • EmmyCD's lesson considers how news stories some are given more prominence than others.

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Special needs resources:

Explanation cards

  • Give children a prompt them use iffatsardharwalla’s explanation activity cards, focusing on ‘why’ to help them expand their answers.

Dyslexia mindmaps

  • Difficulty telling the time, problems with note-taking, bot remembering what words look like: these are just some symptoms of dyslexia. Raise staff awareness and learn to support students using these mindmaps.

Functional maths

  • "What's the point of mathematics?" is a common refrain among children - and adults, tooo. Axis Education's worksheet focuses on familiar, eceryday topics to help students practice functional skills.

Top 5 assemblies

Vegetarianism assembly

  • Why do people become vegetarian? Do they eat only salad? Explore vegetarianism and the myths surrounding it using a video from TES partner TrueTrube.

Virtues of sleep

  • What does the position you sleep in say about you? Take a light-hearted look at why sleep is so important in an assembly extolling the virtues of a good night's sleep.

Revision assembly

  • Encourage students who are preparing for exams, and keep them focused, in an assembly on revision techniques and what happens when you don't make the grade.

Halting rudeness

  • What does it mean to be rude? How does our treatment of other people affect them? Explore these questions in Clare2470’s contemplative PowerPoint assembly.

Show and tell assembly

  • Celebrate children's efforts and achievements so far this year using welshy's assembly script.