Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week - 24 May

Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week - 24 May

24 May 2013

Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week

A real money-spinner
Currency, bartering and precious metals

Real-life money

  • Children solve real-life money problems and learn to recognise coins in TESConnect partner NGfL Cymru's activity.

Millionaire maths

  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Have fun with mathematics using Try eugenesmith’s quiz inspired by the popular television show.

Fairtrade issues

  • Explore the importance of fair trade in a lesson shared by TESConnect partner Traidcraft Schools.

Materials presentation

  • Introduce children to natural and man-made metals in must be crazy!'s lesson.

Further resources

Science of materials

  • Try TESConnect's collection of science lessons and activities on the uses, qualities and behaviours of materials.

Tudor money pot

  • Make Tudor-style money pots in an activity shared Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

History of money

  • Ask children to bring in old or foreign coins for a lesson on the history of money from hijohnanderson.

Money collection

  • Learn all about currency using the TESConnect collection.

Saving lives after death with organ transplants
Organ donation, anatomy and genetic modification

What is organ donation

  • What is organ donation? How is it viewed? When was the first transplant? Find out with a PowerPoint lesson from allyIreeves.

Ethics donation

  • Explore some of the ethical issues around organ donation in rclifford12’s activities.

Frankenstein themes

  • Consider the themes of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein in a lesson from carolinepayne51.

Dolly cloning

  • Is it right to clone animals? Spark a debate in a lesson shared by Teach_Biology.

Further resources

Who was Leonardo

  • Who was Leonardo Da Vinci? Find out in a video shared by BBC Class Clips - Art & Design.

Dissect the heart

  • Prepare students to perform a heart dissection in jhayward2 lesson.

Science ethics

  • Discuss ethical questions within science and consider different viewpoints in an activity from rosydunn.

GM questions

  • What is genetic engineering? Why is it so divisive? Explore these questions using allyIreeves’s PowerPoint.

Balanced GM

  • Debate how far genetic modification could go and ask students to write a balanced article about GM crops.

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Special needs resources:

Autism awareness pack

  • Help your students understand what life can be like for someone with autism, what the positives are and how they can be a good friend with undrandedcow’s PowerPoint which promotes inclusion in a meaningful way.

Being silly

  • Teachers know better than most what can happen when children become silly. This TESConnect resource pack helps students to identify the consequences of misbehaviour and offers strategies that they can use to calm down.

Reluctant readers

  • Reluctant readers exist in every class. Use crigdon’s activity pack to introduce your students to the joys of reading, encourage them to engage with longer texts and start discussions about passages that they have read.

Top 5 assemblies

Motivating students

  • This presentation is on motivation and learning from your mistakes includes a clip of David Beckham.

Inspirational assembly

  • What makes a hero? Ask students to think about refugees in an assembly that includes a video from TESConnect partner TrueTube .

Refugees assembly

  • Students learn about refugees in an assembly that includes a video from TES partner TrueTube.

Respect assembly

  • Using this PowerPoint, encourage children to think about respect, what it means and who should show it.

Be yourself assembly

  • In this assembly, students consider methods of self-expression and how they can be happy with who they are.