Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week - 31st May 2013

Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week - 31st May 2013

31 May 2013

Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week

Uncool prices
The scoop on ice cream

Icecream comprehension

  • Get students practicing their reading skills whilst learning how to make ice cream with C Beach’s reading comprehension activity

Ice Cream Activity

  • Form ice cream without a freezer in a lesson from TESConnect partner Science museum learning.

Ice cream tally

  • Children use pantobabe’s differentiated tally charts to collect information about their peer's favourite flavour ice cream flavours.

Further resources

Ein Besuchim cafe

  • Get students to practice German by asking for drinks, snacks and ice creams.

Sundae times

  • Have fun with times tables and race to make the largest ice cream in's entertaining game.

Match up activity

  • Try this simple match up activity – where capital letters are the cones and lower case letters are scoops of ice cream.

Science of ice cream

  • Find out about the science behind ice cream with a video from RSC Learn Chemistry.

Spirit of the page
Language of the times
The ultimate sacrifice

Great Gatsby prep

  • Introduce students to The Great Gatsby with sohnee's pre-reading activities.

Real life averages

  • Play abcwpresents’ A-Z card collecting game, with averages questions set in real life contexts.

Slang throught time

  • Find out how slang has changed through time with a cut and paste worksheet activity from Georgia Harris.

Gatsby in context

  • Take your class back to the roaring 20s and explore American life at the time of F. Scott Fitzgerald with a lesson from emilyfd.

Further resources

Lessonin slang

  • Try justinepaul's activity and surprise your students with a bit of slang in the classroom.

Meanand Modes

  • Consolidate your students’ understanding of mean, mode, median and range with a lesson from Tristan Jones’.

News report writing

  • Introduce your class to the basics of news writing in TESEnglish's activity.

News values

  • EmmyCD's lesson considers how news stories are reported and why some are given more prominence than others.

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Special needs resources:

Double the fun

  • Have fun with multiplication with an illustrated dinosaur-themed activity from TES Special Educational Needs. Get children count the dinosaurs and adding them together.

The life of a SENCO

  • Find out about life as a special educational needs coordinator and learn how to develop an inclusive approach with a video from Teachers TV.

Raising self-esteem

  • How can you raise the the self-confidence of students with special educational needs? This guide from Matt Grant shows you how to identify, respond to and track learner self-esteem.

Top 5 assemblies

Eco-friendly travelling

  • Explore ways to protect the environment in everuday life and when travelling, in an assembly from National Schools Partnership.

What makes me special

  • Ask your students what they think when they hear the word ‘special’, then read them the story of the mouse that forgot she had a special gift.

Good manners

  • Being polite costs you nothing: explore etiquette in tlgodrey PowerPoint assembly.

Different cultures

  • Find out what different cultures have in common and how we should treat people who have cultures and traditions that are different from out own with Darren Ayling’s assembly.

A global village

  • If the whole world was condensed down into one room, what would it look like? What would be the dominant religion? How many women and men would there be? Check out C Gutierrez’s global village assembly.