Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week - 7th June 2013

Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week - 7th June 2013

7 June 2013

Links to articles and resources featured in TES this week

Building bridges to safety
English, The bear necessities
Maths, Something burrowed
Geography, A prelious journey

Vote for Nature

  • Introduce students to different species and the threats they face with an activity from TES Connect partner RSPB.

Sesame Street Bears

  • Have fun with TES Connect partner Sesame Street anda video of The Three Bears.

Little Bears Collection

  • Develop children's counting skills using bevevans22' Little Bears Collection number cards.

Bear Hunt PPT

  • Go on an interactive bear hunt, focusing on literacy, rhythm and repetition, with an activity from meganhughes.

Further resources

Winne The Pooh Story Map

  • Follow the adventures of Winnie the Pooh with a story map from sarahlouiseharris.

African Animals

  • Find out about African animals, their habitats and migration patterns with an illustrated PowerPoint from claudz.

Habitats Photo Pack

  • Check out TES Resource Team's photo pack on animal habitats.

School Animal Hunt

  • Guess the habitats of animals that live in your school area, in an activity from collaborative.

Endangered Species Activity

  • Find out what it means to be endangered, and how species becomes so, in ARKive's lesson

Should it be legal to help an ill person die?
Citizenship, Words of determination
History/Religious education, A matter of life and death
Personal, social and health eduction, It's all right to cry

Defining moments

Lessons On Euthanasia

  • Consider arguments for and against euthanasia in two lessons from chadwick77.

Exploring Euthanasia

  • Explore Christian views on assisted suicide with a series of activities from jerseyperson.

Discover human rights

  • Find out about disability rights and the obstacles that disabled people can face in a lesson plan from TES Connect partner Discover Human Rights to find out about disability rights and the barriers faced by people with disabilities.

Bereavement Video

  • Use videos of people talking about their experiences, shared by TES ConnectYouthhealthtalk.

Further resources

Child Bereavement

  • Find out how you can support children and young people facing bereavement with these special resources from TES Connect partner Child Bereavement UK.

Assisted dying

  • Debate assisted dying using a guide from TES Connect partner instituteofideas

News report writing

  • Introduce your class to the basics of news writing in TES Englishactivity.

News values

  • EmmyCD's lesson considers how news stories are reported and why some are given more prominence than others.

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Special needs resources:

Living with deafness

  • Raise awareness among students of the challanges that can be faced by people who have hearing impairments, in a lesson from TES Connect partner The National Deaf Children's Society.

Moving on time

  • For young children, moving up to "big" school can be daunting, and it can be a particluarly tricky time for those with special needs. A guide from Mentalhealthfoundation offers advice on providing support.

Emotional literacy PPT

  • What is emotional literacy? How can young people discuss the feelings and emotions they experience during puberty? Help students understand emotional health with a PowerPoint slide from randomgirly.

Top 5 assemblies

Food Safety Week (11 June)

  • Deliver some key food safety and cooking guidelines with this adaptable assembly from National School Meals.

No more litter

  • What are the effects of littering? How can we stop it? Reinforce the negative impact of littering with an assembly.

The Queen's Birthday

  • Celebrate the Queen's official birthday on 15 June – and perhaps get out any left over bunting – with an assembly that looks at the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II.

Father's Day (16 June)

  • Get students to think about what sort of person their father or father figure is and to understand that all dads are different.

Geography Awareness Week

  • Kick start Geography Awareness Week (18 June) with an assembly showcasing all things to celebrate this versatile subject.