Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week - 19 April

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

19 April 2013

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

Could you eat your pets?

Recommended resources

Key stage 1 - Food mobile

  • Make a mobile showing the five food groups from the Balance of Good Health Eatwell plate with this easy to use template from Louath.

Key stage 2 - What's in food

  • Even before the horse meat scandal, ever wondered what's in the food you eat? Find out with this video from Teachers TV.

Key stage 3 - The great debate

  • Is it right to eat animals? Explore this question with a lesson from Klingsor covering factory farming and Hinduism and Judaism.

Key stage 4 - Green approach

  • Take a look at this interactive tutorial from Meat and Education on the issue of eating meat in a green world

Key stage 5 - Food miles

  • Explore the pros and cons of meat eating and food miles with a card activity on environmental, farming and health issues from TES partner Welcome Trust.

Assembly of the week: The truth is out there

  • Tackle truthfulness in assembly time with the tale of Joseph and the Truth Stuck. See what examples students – and even teachers – can give of their own OF where a lie was wrong and where it could be justified.
  • For an assembly for every day of term, visit the TES Assembly a Day teaching resources.

Top 10: RSPCA Week

Care for animals and raise awareness of RSPCA Week (April 30th - May 6th) with TES' selection of lesson plans, games and activities.

'If you have a novel idea for the classroom – or the solution to a knotty teaching problem - we'd love to hear about it.' Please email ideas to our Resources editor

Spotlight on: 9/11 National Schools competition

The 9/11 London Project, an educational charity set-up to create hope from tragedy, has launched a national competition to make young people aware of the significance of 9/11 and its consequences. Check out the 9/11 Project's lessons and resources on TES.

Fur the greater good

What else?

  • Help children understand the responsibilities and benefits that go with owning a pet with this engaging multimedia presentation, Caring for My Pet, from The Blue Cross.
  • Take a look at the TES Resource Team's collection of short video clips from PDSA exploring welfare of our pets, including: grooming, feeding, exercising, checking for illnesses and when to take a pet to the vet.

Follow your antennae

What else?

  • Check out colleent's detailed information sheets and activities: Ants are arthropods.
  • Find out how leaf cutter ants make the most fresh leaves and maintain an abundant food supply with short video from BBC Class Clips.

Making the cut

What else?

  • Guide students through a heart dissection with raj.nandhra's illustrated worksheet.
  • Turn the art of dissection into a double lesson with an extensive lesson pack, including an audio clip of the heart beating, from jhayward2.

Creature features

What else?

CatherinePaver brings together multilingual versions of the brilliant Nick Park's Aardman Animations: