Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week - 19th October

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

19 October 2012

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

Recommended resources for Waking the dead

Key stage 1 - Aztec life

  • Discover the ancient kingdoms of Mexico with a game and activities from tiddlypoohsmum.

Key stage 2 - Day of the Dead

  • Introduce the Mexican festival to pupils with a PowerPoint from sash.aravis.

Key stage 3 - Bony faces

  • Get students creating their own “ModRoc” skeletons to celebrate the festival with mandasea’s art lesson.

Key stage 4 - Back from the dead

  • From sugar skulls to leaving food for the dead, a Mexican family explains Day of the Dead traditions in a BBC Class Clips video.

Behaviour advice

Suitably timed – the day before students go trick or treating – TES behaviour guru Tom Bennett will be answering your queries about behaviour management in a live web chat on 30 October. Tune in on the day at 2pm: or submit your questions here or #tesChat

Lords and ladies

New resources from TES partner Parliament Education Service give students a sneaky peek behind the scenes at the House of Lords. There’s a film, committee role-play and debate cards to show students what our country’s peers get up to.

Give More

Supported by TES partner The Citizenship Foundation, Give More is a year-long campaign encouraging young people to give more time and energy to charitable causes.

One World Week

One World Week is a time to celebrate difference and learn about global justice –and injustice. This year’s theme is “Sharing destiny- moving towards one world”.

Assembly of the week: This is Halloween

  • Sueemc’s assembly starts with a quiz to test how much students know about Halloween’s history. There’s a safety message too to ensure students are respectful trick or treaters.
  • Find an assembly for every term day in October.
  • For an assembly for every of the term, check out the TES assembly-a-day collection.

Top 10 Top Halloween resources

Visit here for more Halloween treats.

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Tutor time: Drug awareness

Check out the TES drugs and alcohol collection

Soul food

What else?

  • Explore life in the middle ages with a PowerPoint from buxtocl. teaching resources.

Truly terrifying tales

What else?

  • Help students write their own gothic stories with a lesson on techniques from TESEnglish.
  • Introduce the conventions of the gothic genre with stephrenn’s PowerPoint.

It's a kind of magic

What else?

Festival atmosphere

What else?

Eye of newt, toe of frog

What else?

From darkness to light

What else?