Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week 25 January 2013

25 January 2013

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

Still out of sight and out of mind

Recommended resources:

Key stage 1 - The words we use

  • An insightful lesson from Stonewall to help children recognise how the words they use or hear can affect others.

Key stage 2 - Same sex relationships

  • Help pupils to consider different points of view and their own attitudes towards same sex relationships with DJ_Skoolio’s PowerPoint resource.

Key stage 3 - Sexual orientation and homophobia

  • Explore questions of identity, sexual attraction and what it means to be gay or straight with lesson ideas from SexEdUKation.

Key stage 4 - Challenging homophobia

  • A Teachers TV video on how schools can tackle homophobia from the playground to the staffroom. Includes interviews with both teacher and student victims of homophobic bullying.

Key stage 5 - LGB Rights

  • Encourage pupils to discuss a range of opinions in relation to homosexuality and the rights of gay, lesbian and bisexual (LGB) rights including same sex parenting and adoption with an extensive resource from The Classroom


Big Schools’ Birdwatch

The RSPB’s annual Big Schools’ Birdwatch - 21 January - 1 February – helps young people connect with nature. Take a look at TES’ own resources

Holocaust Memorial Day

Share the memory of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides around the world on Holocaust Memorial Day (27 January) with this Memorial Day Trust collection on TES. Encourage pupils to consider how we can challenge persecution and hatred and create a safer, better future.

Webchat with Rachel Billington

Join us on 25 January for an exclusive webchat with novelist Rachel Billington.

Assembly of the week: Robert Burns

  • With this enjoyable assembly pack from nahall you can download Burns’ memorable songs and poems.
  • For an assembly for every day of the term, see the TES Assembly a day collection.

Top 10 National Storytelling Week

Our Top 10 resources to get pupils reading, writing and creating.

'If you have a novel idea for the classroom – or the solution to a knotty teaching problem - we'd love to hear about it.' Please email ideas to our Resources editor

Spotlight on…

With LGBT month beginning on 1 February, this resource aims to raise awareness of the prejudices faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. free lesson plans on the issues. Take a look at their extensive collection on TES.

A call for order

What else?

  • Arithmetic made easy: try these times tables and arithmetic Round Robin activities shared by bagpussfan.
  • Help to develop pupils times table skills with this engaging video from Teachers TV: Piggy Buys Apples.

Sense of self

What else?

  • Introduce your class to the life and work of Frida Kahlo with slafhaj’s comprehensive worksheets and activities.
  • Be inspired by the art of South America with these PowerPoint tutorials from artyspice.

Seedy business

What else?

  • Find out about Jasper’s Beanstalk with boaqueen’s cross-curricular worksheet. Topics covered include: plants, growth and stories.
  • Visualise the life cycle of a plant with R Dally’s graphically illustrated PowerPoint presentation.

Honour black Britons

What else?

Around the world

What else?

  • Enhance your lessons – and make your own life easier – with Mike Gershon’s Differentiation Deviser offering 80 strategies, activities and techniques for differentiating.
  • Use Mike Gershon’s ready-to-use Feedback Compendium of pupil targets covering formative assessment, report-writing and oral feedback.

Making it in STEM

What else?

  • From workbooks and websites to careers videos and how to build motor vehicles, the TES Engineering and Mechanics collection will help prepare students for the world of work.
  • Be part of the future of engineering and find out how electric cars work with this video from Green TV.