Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week - 26 October

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

26 October 2012

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

Recommended resources for Use it, abuse it, but don't let 'em lose it

Key stage 1 - Big writing

  • Literacy Miss shares ideas for encouraging pupils to develop their writing

Key stage 2 - Writing targets

  • Motivate children to improve their writing with caroline.a.moore’s target handouts.

Key stage 3 - Exclamation everywhere

  • Students won’t be able to evade punctuation rules once you decorate your classroom walls with stephrenn’s posters.

Key stage 4 - Painting with words

  • Try lemara1982’s PowerPoint for activities to inspire students to write.

Key stage 5 - English roots

  • For a thorough introduction to the history of the English language, try nicola.conway’s Presentation.

Listen, look, revise

TES partner sccenglish shares over 60 podcasts, videos and slideshows to help students revise A Level English topics.

Date for the diary: Diwali

Try the TES Diwali collection for teaching resources to help you celebrate in school.

Assembly of the week: Remembrance Sunday

  • Help pupils understand why they should give two minutes of silence to honour those who have died in wars, with a PowerPoint from michelle.mearns.
  • For an assembly for every of the term, check out the TES assembly-a-day collection.

Top 10 Top Literacy resources

Check out the TES collection.

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Tutor time: Parliament Week

For these resources and more, try the TES Parliament Week collection.

Let's not do the time warp

What else?

Essential accuracy

What else?

The Lego of language

What else?

Have you got it? Eureka!

What else?

  • Get students writing science poems in Alessio’s Ode to Photoelectricity lesson.
  • TRF23 shares creative ideas for embedding scientific literacy into your lessons.

Say it with song

What else?

  • Listen to Barrie McDermid’s podcasts on TES?
  • Pwilloughby3 shares a song to help pupils remember how to use capital letters.
  • Make your own podcasts with a tutorial from paul carney. Share your work with other teachers by uploading them to TES.

Keep the flame alive

What else?