Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week - 3 May 2013

3 May 2013

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

How much should we fear the fallout?

Monkey business

The playground of war

Resources for Primary:

Animal Care

  • Find out how to care for animals and to protect them from cruelty and mistreatment with TES’ special selection of lessons, activities and guides.

Pets and Wild Animals

  • A PowerPoint lesson looking at different pets and wild animals. Children must guess the animal based on the simple descriptions.

The Zoo

  • Identify animals that live in the zoo helps to develop pupils' understanding of what a zoo is with these lesson activities from TES partner NgfLCymru.

Animal images

  • Take a look at lukeliamlion’s Images of animals on this Powerpoint to provide a stimulus for children to look at patterns in nature.

Animals and their babies

  • A simple slideshow showing a range of animals and how they care for their babies. Suitable for use in the Foundation Stage.


  • Find out more about the great African elephant with this illustrated lesson from May2.

EAL animal worksheet

  • Find out all about wild animals – and hone children’s language skills - with this EAL worksheet from martuska.

The Lion and the Mouse

  • The old saying of "friend in need is a friend indeed" best describes the story of 'The lion and the Mouse', an unlikely alliance seen here in loopykidz’s video-based resource.

The Dog and the Dolphin

  • Follow the story of the Dog of the Dolphin with pwillougby3’s video resource. Ideal for a starter activity or assembly.

Rainforest role play

  • Teach children all about the rainforest and the importance of conservation with this rainforest role play activity from Nikkers.

Rainforest planning

  • Learn about the rainforest today, the impact of deforestation and the plight of endangered species with an extensive scheme of work from paris0504.


  • Help children understand the world around them by learning about the life cycle of a frog with toty’s PowerPoint-based resource.

Resources for Secondary:

Nuclear Weapons

  • Get pupils to debate the issue of nuclear weapons and warfare with this prompting sheet from the Institute of Physic.

Bay of Pigs

  • Introduce your pupils to this documentary video covering the Cuban Missile Crisis and Bay of Pigs from TES partner Khan Academy.

Amnesty International

  • Take a look at human rights resources including lesson plans and case studies from TES partner Amnesty International.

Statistics revision

  • Refresh pupils’ knowledge of statistics and probability, and prepare them for their exams, with TES Maths adviser Craig Barton’s collection of revision notes.

North Korea in context

  • Help pupils Understand the history and politics of North Korea and the divide with South Korean with this extensive revision pack from cojoa.

The Cold War

  • A PowerPoint-based lesson on the origins of the Cold War, the Berlin Airlift and its consequences, Korea, Vietnam, the Berlin Wall and everything in between.

Capitalism vs Communism

  • There has been a long history of conflict between communist and capitalist countries. Get students debating about the two systems with a guide from BiltonStilton.

Writing a news report

  • Introduce your class to the world of news reports with a PowerPoint activity from TES English.

News values

  • This lesson from EmmyCD looks at news values, why some stories are given more importance than others and how some stories are reported differently.

Top 10 lesson plans:

Local Community History Month

Christian Aid Week

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Top 5 assemblies

Science is magic

  • Bring a hint of Hogwarts’ witchcraft and wizardry into your school by showing pupils that science is magic with TES Science guru Alessio’s stage presentation. Demonstrate a series of magic tricks that are simple and easy to perform.

The Good Samaritan

  • Try Mike Stallard’s bespoke assembly of the week that re-works the story of the Good Samaritan and asks reflective questions, prompting pupils to consider: should you intervene?

Recipes for friendship

  • Celebrate Friendship Funday (20 May) with juliateachers’ PowerPoint and flashcards to help pupils think about what makes a good friend – and even to nominate and reward outstanding friendships.

Buddha’s birthday

  • Take pupils on a journey to India and Nepal and introduce them to Buddhism with mhg’s illustrated PowerPoint assembly to mark the birth of Buddha on 17 May.

Keeping healthy

  • What is balanced diet? How can we stay healthy? Teach children the importance of healthy eating in teachergina's