Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week - 4 January

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

4 January 2013

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

Back to the Future

Recommended resources:

Key stage 1 - Graph generator

  • Enter data into Steveabey’s Excel spreadsheet and watch it automatically create a graph.

Key stage 2 - Handling data

  • Try this project from Royal Statistical Society to introduce pupils to data handling.

Key stage 3 - CSI maths

  • TES maths panel member Laura Rees Hughes has shared several “Crime Scene Investigation” lessons to improve pupils’ problem-solving skills.

Key stage 4 - Statistics revision

  • Refresh pupils’ knowledge of statistics and probability, and prepare them for their exams, with TES maths adviser Craig Barton’s collection of revision notes.

Key stage 5 - Who’s Who of Statistics

  • Introduce pupils to the famous faces of statistics with another resource from Royal Statistical Society.

The British

Check out these clips, lessons and resources on The Romans and The Great Fire of London.

Get twitching

try the TES collection for resources on recognising species, building bird feeders and more.


Try TES partner Numberphile’s videos and develop pupils’ fascination with maths.

Five minute lesson plan

This five minute lesson plan is a colourful checklist to help you ensure each lesson you teach is worthy of an Ofsted outstanding grade.

Assembly of the week: Staying healthy

  • Rhianrebecca shares a PowerPoint packed with photos to help you discuss what it means to be healthy.

Top 10 New Year

These and more resources can be found in the TES New Year collection.

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Spotlight on… Ideas to save time

Try these top tips from the TES community to help spend less time working.

Cleaning up the language…

What else?

  • Rene Talliard shares an activity book to help pupils show they understand the stories they read.
  • Hear teachers share their great ideas to encourage pupils to read, in this Teachers TV video.

The time traveller's life

What else?

  • Introduce pupils to astronomy with Andrew Jackson’s masterclass – six lessons on space in one Prezi presentation.
  • Watch Professor Brain Cox explain how to measure light speed in this BBC Class Clips – Science video.

How I wonder what you are

What else?

How to get more pizza

What else?

  • Give graphs a real-life context, with thecardinal’s lesson on racing tracks and school journeys.
  • Help pupils understand why maths is important in everyday situations, try Teach First’s scheme of work.

Topsy-turvy learning

What else?

  • Get pupils, or staff, started with a new language, try the TES MFL primary collection.
  • Develop pupils’ vocabulary with famous Spanish songs, try Malena113’s musical lesson.