Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week 5th October

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

5 October 2012

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

Recommended resources for Once more unto the breach, dear friends

Key stage 1 - Treading the boards

  • Turn shy pupils into theatre stars with mod83’s play script collection.

Key stage 2 - Stage stories

  • Help pupils write their own scripts with diamond_raindrops’ template.

Key stage 3 - Classroom creatives

  • Try justcallmeh’s handy guide to help students devise their own plays.

Key stage 4 - Bard barmy

  • For lots of Shakespearian resources check out Shakespeare’s Globe’s profile on TES.

Key stage 5 - Director’s cut

  • Encourage students to direct plays with confidence with pcleaves’ prompts – great for classroom display.

Games for class

Liven up lessons by playing upbeat music as students enter, keep a class curiosity box with puzzles, photos and other bits and bobs, or write vocab as anagrams or in text speak for a starter activity.

Sailing to success

Ellen will be taking your questions in a live video web chat on TES (October 11) where she’ll talk about sailing and how it can help young people. Send in your questions before or during the chat using #TESchat or email.

Once upon a time…

TES user Trickey shares resources on story openings.

Assembly of the week: Dyslexia awareness week

Top 10 Top Walk to School resources

Encourage pupils that two feet are better than four wheels this Walk to School month (October) and teach them about the local area, environment and road safety.

'If you have a novel idea for the classroom – or the solution to a knotty teaching problem - we'd love to hear about it.' Please email ideas to our Resources editor

Spotlight on ....diversity in the classroom

Encourage students to treat others equally regardless of ethnicity, sexuality or faith (or anything else that makes them different) and to celebrate and be proud of their differences. Try these resources for a lesson on diversity.

Blaze a trail

What else?

Go to great creative lengths

What else?

Education on the go

What else?

Let your alter ego out

What else?

  • For guidance on creating a voki check out anyholland’s guide.

For good measure

What else?

Trouble in Tehran

What else?