Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week - 8 February 2013

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week - 8 February 2013

8 February 2013

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

The arts - A gallery that puts pupils in the frame

Recommended resources:

What else?

  • Explore the role of art in public life with this video from TES partner TrueTube featuring artist Toby Paterson's work and how to make art accessible for all.
  • Bring the works of artists, designers and animators into pupils’ lives with TES’ special collection of visually appealing and practical teaching resources.



Traidcraft has a wide range of information and ideas about how schools can get involved in Fairtrade Fortnight, including a range of free, downloadable, cross-curricular teaching resources and pick-up-and-go lesson plans, games and activities.

Motivating posters

Get your pupils in the learning mood and brighten up dark February classrooms with colourful, positive posters to motivate and inspire.

Rain Stops Play

Check out genesisgirls’ timely lesson activity which combines literacy and numeracy skills with a sports theme.

Assembly of the week: Charles Dickens’ Birthday

  • Lilybabe’s assembly PowerPoint is packed with a wealth of images and easily accessible information on the life and times of one of our greatest writers and campaigners.

Top 10: St Valentine’s Day

Explore the origins of St Valentine’s Day and bring a little love and light into your class with these timely lesson ideas, assemblies and activities.

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Spotlight on: Emotional well-being

Help pupils understand emotional literacy, what it means, why it’s important and how to use it with TES’ collection of resources on emotional well-being.

And another string..

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Creativity is all in the mind

What else?

  • Get your pupils conducting a real-life forensic investigation to find out which Science teacher committed a crime with skyonx’s detailed lesson plan.
  • Take a look at Steve Spangler Science’s Slippery Science videos to help you turn ordinary science experiments into memorable and creative opportunities.

A brush with the unusual

What else?

  • Pull of your own workshop and get children creating an imaginary ‘box’ in the classroom and transforming it into a home using their ‘Magic Paintbrush’ with this resource from ClaireOCallaghan.
  • Bring Matilda: The Musical to life in your classroom with these workshop ideas and activities from TES partner The Royal Shakespeare Company.

Making Mathematics Dramatic

What else?

Ring in the changes

What else?

  • Talk on the telephone inWelsh with the one and only Bart Simpson with this engaging activity from Louisa28.
  • Numbers in German made easy for even the most nervous would-be mathematicians with alemanjana’s PowerPoint-based teaching activity.
  • Introduce pupils to colours and to the verb haben through songs and gestures with this engaging resource from rhawkes.

You've got to be kidding

What else?

  • Why does matter matter? Punk Science brings live-action science and comedy to the classroom screen to explore just that, from TES partner Science Museum Learning.
  • Why not develop pupils’ number skills with mufc_ed’s X-FactorMachine Function.

When disaster struck