Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week - 8 March 2013

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

8 March 2013

Links to resources, events and reviews featured in TES this week

A hop, skip and jump to joy

Recommended resources

Key stage 1 - Easter images

  • Check out Ibussybea’s Easter traditions lotto, a PowerPoint of images associated with Easter. Use as a starting point for a themed discussion with younger pupils.

Key stage 2 - What is Easter?

  • What is Easter? Have a go at debskapick’s information exchange, Easter themed quiz in both French and Spanish.

Key stage 3 - Calling all eggheads

  • Take a tour of the Cadbury factory in Birmingham, as Easter eggs roll off the production line and the process of producing chocolate eggs is explained.

Key stage 4 - Whodunnit?

  • Who killed the Easter Bunny? Get your class to find out: who committed the crime, the type of weapon used and where the crime took place with Zifrog’s Easter Cluedo.

Key stage 5 - Christianity

  • Explore different ways of being a Christian and views in the Bible with durgamata’s lesson ideas for teaching Post-16 students.

Assembly a Day: St Patrick’s Day

  • St. Patrick’s Day (17 March) celebrates the patron saint of Ireland as well as Irish culture with a feast, music, dancing and all things green on the Emerald Isle.

Top 10: Easter

Mark one of the biggest events in the Christian calendar with the TES Easter collection where you'll find plenty of card-making, storytelling and egg finding activities.

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Spotlight on: World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day, established by Unesco in 1999 and taking place this year on 19 March, gives people around the world an opportunity to reflect on the power of language and to support linguistic diversity through poetic and creative expression.

Chocolate and chicks

What else?

  • Revise the principles of synthetic phonics and try some practical phonics games with this handy training guide from cariad2.
  • Get your class into Jolly Phonics Pairs with D U’s game of matching words and pictures.

Pinning down the date

What else?

  • AndrewJackson’s Astronomy Masterclass, a former Outstanding Resource of the Year (2011), offers a series of interactive lessons to ignite young imaginations.
  • Alongside Easter Science comes Easter Maths. Let pupils turn their talents to TESSD’s Easter Percentage activity. Suitable for differentiation and as a starter or plenary.

A precarious living

What else?

Potent reworking

What else?

  • Break with tradition and get your class singing along to redheadmusic’s spirited Easter song, Hey! Here Comes Jesus.
  • chris1962’s Easter story chatterbox activity is an engaging way of helping children to understand more about the people and events surrounding Easter.