London 2012 games resources

Primary Resources about London 2012

Olympic Games 2012

  • This is Lesson 1 of a series of lessons about the London 2012 Games which come with a fully prepared lesson plan and photocopyable resources.

Ancient Olympic Games Posters

  • A set of 6 A4 sized posters about the different aspects of the Ancient Greek Games. The posters talk about women at the Games, the events, the spectators and lots more too.

Olympic- themed activity worksheets for Years 1 / 2

  • Games Activity for KS1 pupils

Olympic Games 2012 Acrostic Poem Template

  • An outline for Acrostic Poetry writing for the 2012 Games - for learners to complete and display in readiness for the summer.

Olympic and Paralympic Games Maths -Flag Symmetry

  • A sheet with a number of world flags to work out the number of lines of symmetry. ActivPrimary Flipchart added to aid the teaching and marking of Symmetry.

Design an Olympic and Paralympic Games site

  • Resources based on pupils designing their own Olympic and Paralympic site for a chosen country they have researched.

Olympic Games - Now and then

  • A look at the origins of the Olympic Games, and how they have changed.

Secondary Resources about London 2012

Famous sports people

  • A timeline of famous sports people across lots of sports including football, tennis, basketball, the Olympic Games, cricket and many more.

Olympic Games Booklet

  • This booklet contains a number of different activities which are essential for Geography

Disability in Sport

  • Awareness presentation on disability in Sport focusing on the Paralympic Games and Deaflympics. To be used as a starter for student projects

Music at the Olympic and Paralympic Games

  • Presentation on a year 8 lesson about the effect of music in the Olympic and Parlympic Games.

London 2012 Olympic Games Day-by-Day Schedule

  • Sanga, from Bhutan – one of the poorest countries in the world, lost his sight from a vitamin A deficiency when he was eight

Body and Health Nothing will hold me back

  • Rachel Morris gold-medal winner at the Beijing Paralympics explains the importance of a positive attitude and determination.

Body and Health - I never thought it would happen to me

  • Lisa suffered brain injury in a car crash and forgot the first nineteen years of her life. As a result she had to learn to walk and talk again.

Body and Health - Don’t write me off

  • A simple set of A5 display sheets with the dates of the London 2012 Olympic Games and which sports are being held on those days.

London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games - Year 7 Geography

  • An introduction to Year 7 Geographers studying the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012

  • This resource centers around the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games next year and what is being done to make this a ‘green’ Games

Paralympic Hopes

  • An inspiring story of a young visually impaired swimmer.

Getting to the Point in 2012

  • Maths lesson in which learners use percentage change, scatter plots, lines of best fit and box plots to look at the relationship between crow flight and road distances for journeys to view the Olympic Torch Relay.


  • A series of PowerPoint’s on Greek Culture, traditions, Greek mythology, facts, Greek people, famous Greek people and ancient buildings

Olympic-themed Quizzes

  • Olympic- themed Quizzes in PowerPoint in the run up to the London 2012 Games

The Modern Olympics

  • A lesson about the philosophy that underpins the modern Olympics, and the meaning behind the ceremonial aspects.

Whole school Resources about London 2012

London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Values

  • PowerPoint describing the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic values

2012 Olympic Activities, Worksheets and Starters

  • A bundle of activities, worksheets and starters that I made last year at the start of the build up towards this years’ Olympic games in London

The Olympic Games 2012 Powerpoint

  • A powerpoint presentation introducing the London Olympics, mascots, motto, emblem and the events taking part within it.

Resources shared by Get Set For London 2012

Prepare for an interview

  • Preparation and performance are vital to those athletes seeking success at London 2012. But these two Ps are also relevant to many other situations in life as well.

Build your own brand project one

  • Imagine that you have been commissioned to produce a name, logo and brand profile for a new international festival of friendship.

Olympic Torch Relay

  • A bite size fact sheet about the history of the Olympic Torch Relay and the London 2012 Olympic Torch.

Countdown calendar

  • Use this calendar to plan your London 2012-inspired school activities. Countdown the days until the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games!

Build your own kite!

  • With few materials and some very simple instructions, you can create kites and host your very own kite festival, in celebration of the Olympic and Paralympic Values.

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