Magna Carta teaching resources

This year celebrates the 800th anniversary of the first signing of Magna Carta, the document that established the safeguarding of fundamental rights and liberties. Explore the history of the Great Charter, how it shaped history and why is it still significant today with these free lesson plans and activities.

Magna Carta worksheet

Introduce the historical context behind Magna Carta with this visual worksheet.

Reporting from Runnymede

Students produce a news report that explores the reasons why Magna Carta was signed.

Magna Carta for EAL pupils

Break down Magna Carta for students with EAL using this matching sentence activity.

Magna Carta card sort

Check pupils’ understanding of Magna Carta with this recall task.

King John and Magna Carta lesson

A selection of activities and tasks for students to work through as part of a lesson on Magna Carta.

Magna Carta lesson

This lesson helps pupils to explain why Magna Carta was written and its importance today.

Magna Carta

Students examine Magna Carta, its importance and its place in history.

Magna Carta podcasts

These short podcasts from 60-Second Civics explore the creation and significance of Magna Carta

Interpretations of King John

A series of lessons looking at historical interpretations of King John, which includes activities on Magna Carta.

Magna Carta reading

Information on King John, the Barons’ War and Magna Carta.