Mapping education phases

Mapping education phases

Mapping from Age 2 through to Age 18 educational phases in the UK, USA, Australia and India

UK and US - Year groups by age

AgeUK Key stageUK School yearUK School levelUS GradeUS School levelNotes
2-4FoundationNursery/pre-schoolNursery Pre-schoolNursery/pre-KPre-school
5-6Key stage 1Year 1PrimaryKindergartenElementary
6-7Key stage 1Year 2PrimaryGrade 1Elementary
7-8Key stage 2Year 3PrimaryGrade 2Elementary
8-9Key stage 2Year 4PrimaryGrade 3Elementary
9-10Key stage 2Year 5PrimaryGrade 4Elementary
10-11Key stage 2Year 6PrimaryGrade 5Elementary
11-12Key stage 3Year 7SecondaryGrade 6Middle-school
12-13Key stage 3Year 8SecondaryGrade 7Middle-schoolaka Jr High school
13-14Key stage 3Year 9SecondaryGrade 8Middle-schoolaka Jr High school
14-15Key stage 4Year 10SecondaryGrade 9High schoolFreshman
15-16Key stage 4Year 11SecondaryGrade 10High schoolSophomore
16-17Key stage 5Year 12SecondaryGrade 11High schoolJunior
17-18Key stage 5Year 13SecondaryGrade 12High schoolSenior

UK and India - Year groups by age

AgeUK Key stageUK School yearUK School levelIndia classIndia School level
2-4FoundationNursery/pre-schoolNursery Pre-schoolLower KGPre-Primary
4-5FoundationReceptionReceptionUpper KGPre-Primary
5-6Key stage 1Year 1PrimaryClass 1Primary
6-7Key stage 1Year 2PrimaryClass 2Primary
7-8Key stage 2Year 3PrimaryClass 3Primary
8-9Key stage 2Year 4PrimaryClass 4Primary
9-10Key stage 2Year 5PrimaryClass 5Primary
10-11Key stage 2Year 6PrimaryClass 6Middle school
11-12Key stage 3Year 7SecondaryClass 7Middle-school
12-13Key stage 3Year 8SecondaryClass 8Middle-school
13-14Key stage 3Year 9SecondaryClass 9Secondary
14-15Key stage 4Year 10SecondaryClass 10Secondary
15-16Key stage 4Year 11SecondaryClass 11Senior Secondary
16-17Key stage 5Year 12SecondaryClass 12Senior Secondary
17-18Key stage 5Year 13Secondary  

UK and Australia - Year groups by age

AgeUK Key stageUK School yearUK School levelAustralia GradesAustralia School level
2-4FoundationNursery/pre-schoolNursery Pre-school Kindergarten(QLD)
4-5FoundationReceptionReception Kindergarten
5-6Key stage 1Year 1Primary Foundation Year
6-7Key stage 1Year 2PrimaryYear 1Primary
7-8Key stage 2Year 3PrimaryYear 2Primary
8-9Key stage 2Year 4PrimaryYear 3Primary
9-10Key stage 2Year 5PrimaryYear 4Primary
10-11Key stage 2Year 6PrimaryYear 4Primary
11-12Key stage 3Year 7SecondaryYear 6Primary
12-13Key stage 3Year 8SecondaryYear 7Primary (QLD,SA,WA)
12-13Key stage 3Year 8SecondaryYear 7 Secondary (ACT,NSW,TAS,VIC) Middle school (NT)
13-14Key stage 3Year 9SecondaryYear 8Secondary
14-15Key stage 4Year 10SecondaryYear 9Secondary
15-16Key stage 4Year 11SecondaryYear 10Secondary (High School (NT))
16-17Key stage 5Year 12SecondaryYear 11Secondary (College (ACT))
17-18Key stage 5Year 13SecondaryYear 12Secondary