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Lots of lateral thinking puzzles

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  • Some fantastic puzzles to help develop your students’ thinking and problem solving skills.
  • What is it? - If there is one thing students of all ages and abilities struggle with it is thinking independently and working through a problem. They are so used to well structured questions and having help readily to hand in the classroom that when it comes to an open-ended, unstructured problem they have a tendency to down tools and give in. This is increasingly becoming an issue with the introduction of increased functionality and less structured questions in the new GCSE. Whilst this lovely collection of lateral thinking puzzles will not transform your students into world class problem solvers over night, it might just guide them on the right track, encouraging them to experiment and attack problems from lots of different angles.
  • How could it be used? - These puzzles are great to use as starters, plenaries, or for extension work any time some little bright spark finishes ahead of everyone else. They could be projected up on the IWB or printed out as a booklet of questions. These problems also lend themselves well to group work, encouraging high levels of communication and collective problem solving.
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