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Transformations on Autograph

  • An interactive an dynamic way to investigate Transformations using Autograph
  • What is it? - Autograph is a truly wonderful piece of software that is often underused in schools. This is understandable as very few teachers have time to spare to get to grips with every aspect of such software. Autograph is possibly the single most effective way of conveying to students the key concepts behind Transformations. Using it allows them to experiment, test and predict in an interactive and dynamic way. The first resource is an interactive lesson on Transformations designed for use in a computer room. The second is a brief guide about how to carry out each of the four types of transformations on Autograph which can be used by the students or by the teacher as a means of demonstration on the interactive whiteboard. If your school has Autograph, then please give it a go!
  • How could it be used? - The lesson should ideally take place in a computer room with students working at a computer on their own or in pairs. Knowledge of the software is not needed as the accompanying worksheet contains step by step guides of exactly which buttons to press. Students should be encouraged to just get on with it, and should hopefully enjoy the fact that mistakes made on the computer are easily eradicated with a simple hit of the Undo button. This should increase both their confidence as well as their willingness to experiment. This resource is a very powerful learning tool.
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