Maths resource of the week 12

Maths resource of the week 12

Each week Craig Barton, creator of, picks out a TES maths resource that has caught his eye and records a short video about it. These videos will attempt to explain why Craig likes the resource, and offer up a few ideas about how it might be used in the classroom. If you have watched the video, downloaded the resource, and then used it in a lesson, it would be fantastic if you could return to this page to share your thoughts and ideas in the Comments section below, or to simply pass on your thanks to the author!

To access all the Resources of the Week from this year, and the archived collection from last year, just click on the links at the bottom of the page. And if you've spotted a resource that you feel not enough people know about, then just drop me an email.

A resource which promises to practice topics including bearings, collecting like terms and ratio is unlikely to initially spark the interest of your average Year 9 class. However when presented as a crime that they have to solve, involving suspects such as Russell Brand, Cheryl Cole, and the suspicious looking Justin Beiber, they might just be a bit more receptive. This is a well thought-out and beautifully designed resource that would produce an excellent lesson. Maybe get the students working I small groups, encourage them to carry out the tasks systematically and logically, and then present their findings to the class. A rich, rewarding and fun activity for all involved.

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