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Transformations (MEP -Year 9 - Unit 7)

  • A complete package of exciting, innovative Transformation resources.
  • What is it? - The Maths Enhancement Program from CIMT is simply fantastic. Each topic from Year 7 through to GCSE is comprehensively smothered in interesting, well thought-out, challenging resources. Transformations is no exception. There are lesson plans, plenty of practice questions for students (complete with answers), levelled assessment tests, overhead slides and extra exercises. However, the two things that stood out for me were the Teaching Notes, which contain historical information about the development of the study of Transformations, and the Activities which present students with transformation challenges in unfamiliar contexts. Just like all of CIMT’s resources, this is definitely worth spending time looking at.
  • How could it be used? - With the arrival of the new GCSE and its accompanying challenges, I think the problems found in the Activity document are particularly relevant and worth trying. Students could be given one of the activities and encouraged to investigate it, possibly working in pairs or small groups. There may have difficulty at first as the context of the questions is likely to be unfamiliar. Bust experimentation should be encouraged and hopefully the students will find it a rich and rewarding experience.
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