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My Bedroom

  • A fun, functional group project about designing a bedroom.
  • What is it? - There is nothing better than a project that students can get their teeth stuck into. If it is set up correctly then the next few lessons pretty much run themselves, with students beavering away at their work with levels of energy and enthusiasm never previously seen in a maths lesson. The My Bedroom project is just the ticket. It is functional skills style project, where students work in pairs or small groups to design a bedroom. What sets it apart from all other similar projects is the quality and quantity of supporting resources provided, from task sheets to furniture prices. Everything you need is here, and both you and your students will love it.
  • How could it be used? - As mentioned above, this project is so well structured that it should pretty much run itself. I think it would work best if the students were split into groups of 2 or 3. A short introduction during the first lesson about the nature of the project and rules for group work should lay the foundations for a fruitful and enjoyable few lessons. There are also help sheets for the start of lessons 2 and 3 should students need guiding along the right path. Students could also be encouraged to bring in magazines with cut outs of all the items they are buying to add some sparkle to their work. Getting students to share their projects with the rest of the class at the end of the series of lessons through two minute presentations is a great way to help them develop important skills, a fantastic opportunity for peer assessment, and a rewarding experience for both you and your students.
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