Maths resource of the week 14

Maths resource of the week 14

Each week Craig Barton, creator of, picks out a TES maths resource that has caught his eye and records a short video about it. These videos will attempt to explain why Craig likes the resource, and offer up a few ideas about how it might be used in the classroom. If you have watched the video, downloaded the resource, and then used it in a lesson, it would be fantastic if you could return to this page to share your thoughts and ideas in the Comments section below, or to simply pass on your thanks to the author!

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As we all know, it can be quite difficult to engage students in the topic of statistics. Furthermore, when it comes to working out the different types of average or constructing a variety of statistical diagrams, it can be tricky to help students understand exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it. Wherever possible I like to use real life data, either from the students themselves or from the web. However, this can sometimes be difficult to find or time-consuming to collect. This lovely resource may just provide the answer. There are 36 bright, colourful data cards which can be used in a variety of ways. I suggest giving each student a card to keep, thus giving them a degree of ownership and bringing relevance to the data, and then using these cards to generate all the averages and diagrams that you need.

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