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The Wizard Apprentice Trials

  • A fantastic way to practice number theory, sequences and ratio.
  • What is it? - The best resources are those which the students enjoy and encourage them to do a lot of challenging mathematics along the way. This resource does exactly that. It is an activity where the students work in small groups to untangle a mystery about the sinister Giant Bebothered and his dastardly tricks. As students work frantically to try to save the palace treasures they end up covering a whole host of difficult topics including number theory, ratio and sequences, as well as practicing that all important skills of tackling a problem without being explicitly told who to do it. Students learn a lot and have a great deal of fun too.
  • How could it be used? - This resource is designed for use with Year 7 students but will probably be successful across the whole of Key Stage 3. I have found it works best with students in groups of 3 or 4, with each group sat around a table. Encourage the groups to appoint a “leader” and divide the work load up evenly and efficiently. Encourage the students to check each other’s work and communicate any problems they are having. The teacher has a very important role to play during tasks such as this – to facilitate the natural progression of learning and creativity without forcing it along a certain direction. One possible strategy is to issue each group with two counters, and each time they need to ask you a question they must forfeit one of their counters. It is amazing how much this encourages them to communicate and learn from each other.
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