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Christmas Countdown

  • An advent calendar with a difference!
  • What is it? - Everyone loves an advent calendar. Everyone loves maths. So, when you combine these two things together, you must be onto a winner. Yes, here is a maths advent calendar. There are 25 clues which the students must solve, all to do with factors, multiplies, primes, triangular and Fibonacci numbers. What better way to countdown the days until you settle down to a well earned two week break?
  • How could it be used? - All the resources you need are provided on the Excel file. Students are each given a grid with 25 numbered spaces which they could be encouraged to decorate accordingly. Each day students are given a tricky clue which they must solve – perhaps this could be shown to the whole class as a starter activity or left in prominent place for the students to look at in their own time. When they have solved the clue they stick it in the relevant space on their grid. Perhaps five minutes could be allocated each lesson to the solving and sticking of clues, encouraging group work and even students coming to the front of the class to explain their answer. When completed, students should have a colour, mathematical advent calendar. Who needs chocolate?
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