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Christmas Curve Stitching

  • Get the needle and thread at the ready.
  • What is it? - It’s always so nice to see when students are surprised by mathematics. The fact that straight lines, when joined in such a way, can make a curve-like shape will be a nice surprise to students who haven’t seen it before and pleasant reminder of previous less complicated times to those who may have dabbled in such activities at primary school. This is a fun collection of festive themed curve-stitching activities, where once students have learned the basics they are encouraged to create both a Christmas tree and a Christmas star. And whilst the maths used may not be the most difficult in the world, there is still enough in there about co-ordinates, gradients, axes, lines and angles to make this more than just a throw-away fun lesson.
  • How could it be used? - You have two options with this one. You could just use it is a paper and pen exercise, where students are encouraged to make the pretty patterns on posters and them colour them in for impressive looking wall displays. Alternatively, you can really go for it. Once the plans have been drawn and approved in their books, it is time to reach for the sewing kit and make these patterns really come to life. There is a link provided within the PowerPoint which contains useful advice if you choose to go down this route. Good luck and Merry Christmas!
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