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Logic Puzzles

  • A set of interesting and challenging logic puzzles for all ages and abilities.
  • What is it? - Good logic puzzles are fantastic for enticing even the most reluctant of students. Whilst not only getting students actively engaged in the lesson, logic puzzles also help develop students’ problem solving and thinking skills. This set is truly fantastic. In the single Excel file you will find Minesweeper, Domino, Kakuro, Sudoku and Hanjie puzzles, all complete with full instructions. Best of all, each puzzle type is differentiated, this giving access to students of all ages and abilities. I think students will love them.
  • How could it be used? - Puzzles such as these are great to use as starters or plenaries. When in an electronic format they can quickly be projected onto an Interactive Whiteboard or via a digital projector and students can be encouraged to copy the puzzles down and try to solve them in their books. Alternatively, they can form the main part of a lesson, with students working in small groups to crack the puzzles and then coming to the front to explain their methods and solutions to the rest of the class. Finally, students can be encouraged to develop their own puzzles for their classmates to tackle, which takes their learning to another level.
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