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AQA Core 4 Revision Treasure Hunt

  • A challenging jigsaw for A Level students.
  • What is it? - There seems to be a general trend in maths teaching that resources such as jigsaws and card sorts are only really applicable to younger students and not to the post 16 cohort. Often this is because the content that must be delivered to A Level is so jam-packed into such a tight time-frame that there simply isn’t time to do anything out of the ordinary. However, revision provides such an opportunity and this Treasure Hunt is a great way of covering all the major content from Core 4 in a fun, engaging and challenging way. The topics covered include all the big names such as parametric and differential equations, implicit differentiation and vectors. This exercise should throw up any general misconceptions are areas of weakness.
  • How could it be used? - Why not get a bit kinaesthetic and shake off the shackles of any draining early morning adolescent hormones in your students? The first task is to check that all the content is suitable to your exam board (this Treasure Hunt has been designed for AQA). If some bits aren’t, then you can either delete those questions are replace them with some of your own. The next step is to cut up the cards and place them at various points around the classroom. Divide the students up into groups of 2 to 3, start them each off on a different card, and off they go! The correct answer to each problem should lead them to another card, and the first group of students to arrive back at the starting card is the winner.
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