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The Cookie Project

  • A fun cross curricular maths project.
  • What is it? - Quite simply this is a fantastic eight lesson project that is not only lots of fun for both the teacher and the students, but also incorporates plenty of important maths and life skills. Both the Food Technology and the Art departments can get involved in this cross-curricular project. The Cookie Project was originally written for Year 6 pupils but is very suitable in its current form for Year 7 and 8 pupils, and with a bit of tweaking it can be made suitable to students of all ages and abilities. The ultimate goal is for your students to make a batch of cookies, but before all that they must collect some data, process the costings and nutritional information of their cookies, make them following a recipe, and design the packaging. The project culminates in a presentation and taste testing session. Tasty!
  • How could it be used? - The resource contains a detailed plan of each of the eight lessons which is an excellent starting point. The project will have to be tweaked slightly to match the needs of your particular class. I found I had to provide additional support on the data processing elements of Lesson 2 and the designing of the packaging in Lesson 5. I was also more than a little out of my depth when it came to the actual cooking and was more than grateful for the help offered by the Food Technology department. Projects like this take quite a bit of planning and co-operations from other departments, often palace both teachers and students out of their comfort zones, but are really good fun and incredibly rewarding. Give it a go!
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