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Maths Rocket Project

  • A practical and challenging maths project.
  • What is it? - This is an incredibly fun, challenging and rewarding three lesson project that will combine students’ knowledge of maths, science and business together with their team working and communication skills. The ultimate aim is for students to build a working model of a rocket. However, the project is much, much more than that. Alongside all the good maths and science, what I really liked was the emphasis on team work, independent learning, job responsibility and financial management. Students have a budget which they must not go over, each member of the team has a specific role, they must record meticulously each decision they make and hit tight deadlines or face fines, and best of all they have to pay for help from the expert NASA consultant, which is you! And at the end of all this, students get to attempt to fire a real life model rocket. Boom!
  • How could it be used? - A project like this can be very daunting for the teacher. A lot could go wrong, students could act up, and you are often faced with asking yourself “is it worth it?” This project certainly is. The resources all already prepared for you in great detail. I had to make a few minor tweaks to make it suitable for my middle set Year 9 class, but I am pleased to say that the project did pretty much run itself. I was amazed at the effect charging the students for help had on them. They worked far more independently than normal and relied on each other for the answers instead of me. I strongly believe there is a great deal of benefit to be sought from projects such as this and would definitely suggest giving it a go.
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