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Algebra Simplifying Trail

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  • A fun code-breaking activity that helps students get to grips with simplification
  • What is it? - This is one of those rarest of things - a fun Algebra resource. Students are given a set of questions that require them to simplify algebraic expressions. They must then match up their answers with the answers on the cards to reveal a corresponding symbol. This symbol then helps unlock a code which reveals a secret message. Great fun! And of course, whilst students are busy beavering away at this they are fine tuning their simplification skills without even realising it.
  • How could it be used? - Maths trails are great fun for students (and teachers!). They are not the quietest lessons ever, but underneath the noise there is a tremendous amount of work going on. Place the cards at strategic points around the classroom, divide the students up into groups of 2-4, explain the rules, hand out the questions, and let the mayhem commence. This would also make a great Open Day or Transition activity with cards laced all around the school.
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