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Rich Maths Tasks to Engage at KS3

  • A website full of great rich tasks
  • What is it? - I don’t know if you have ever tried typing “Maths Investigations” or “Rich Maths Tasks” into Google, but in my experience it is very rare that you actually find what you are looking for. You would certainly have to sift through quite a few pages before you stumbled upon this little beauty. It is a website that has been put together by a project group from the East Midlands, and it is quite simply rammed packed full of interesting, engaging, high-quality rich tasks for Key Stage 3 pupils. What I particularly like is the way the tasks are organised, and that many come compete with lesson plans and opportunities for extension material to push the gifted and talented students on even further. Students of all abilities should gain a great deal from these tasks.
  • How could it be used? - The last time I looked there were 51 tasks on the website. One of my favourites is “Where Am I?” which is a lovely co-ordinate mystery where pupils must track down a location following a set of clues. What is particularly nice is the follow-up question which challenges the pupils to think what the minimum number of clues needed to find the location would be. I am also a big fan of “Ice-Cream”, where students are introduced to the Triangular Numbers and non linear sequences in a really simply but engaging way. There are loads of other resources on here which could easily be slotted into a scheme of work, so check it out!
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