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Starters Based on Camel Smoothie

  • Three Starter Activities to engage all your students in the wonder of numbers
  • What is it? - Numbers are fascinating things. The problem is, only nerdy maths teachers know this. If you can get students interested in the wonder of number and the power of mathematics, then their enjoyment and success in the subject is bound to increase. This lovely set of three starter activities might just be the way to do this. “And it stains your fingers” is a quick look at the dangers and costs of smoking, “How to Imagine a Really Big Number” is a look at the number of grains of sand that make up the earth, tackling standard form along the way, and “Global Population” provides some fascinating insights into to the characteristics of our fellow humans.
  • How could it be used? - I know you shouldn’t have favourites, but “Global Population” is mine. It is centred around that fascinating concept of imagining that the word was in fact a village containing 200 people, and then goes onto quote fascinating facts such as 103 would be men, 162 would come from least developed countries, 58 would believe in witchcraft and, perhaps most worrying of all, 1 would eat McDonalds every day. The facts alone should be enough to engage students, but you can then ask them follow up questions such as “how are these numbers calculated?”, “using these figures, how many people in our school are left -handed?”, and even challenge students to work out similar facts of their own. Students should end the activity having a better understanding of the world they live in, and hopefully a greater love of numbers.
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