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Revision Activity for A Level Statistics

  • A treasure hunt for A Level statistics!
  • What is it? - Often card-sorts and jigsaws are confined solely to Key Stages 3 and 4 and then abandoned for A Level teaching. This is understandable as many A Level courses come complete with unforgiving time pressures together with the underlying assumption that such modules are taught best in a teacher-led, traditional way. However, the benefits seen by using different teaching resources lower down the school can be equally prevalent at A Level, and this excellent resource is a fine example of this. The resource is designed to revise the fundamentals of the Statistics 1 module, including such lovely concepts as probability, variance and combinations.
  • How could it be used? - The resource is presented as a PowerPoint which can be printed and cut out to create 10 colourful question cards. These cards can then be placed or stuck up at various points around the classroom. Students can be divided up into pairs or small groups and allocated different starting points. Then the race is on! Students must solve the question and then look for their answer on one of the other cards, which then leads them onto another tricky question to tackle. The first team to return to their starting point is the winner. A fun, energetic and very worthwhile revision activity!
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