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GCSE Mathematics Revision Cards

  • A fun, challenging levelled GCSE revision activity.
  • What is it? - In my opinion, the key thing with revision is it needs to be different. If students are presented with the same sort of questions in the same sort of context during revision as when they were first taught the topic, then what often happens is that students who got it at the time still get it, and those that did not stand little chance this time around. Presenting questions in a different way challenges students and strengthens their understanding. This fantastic resource offers a fun, effective way of achieving this. It is a set of three levelled domino activities testing all of the main GCSE topics, including equations, factions and general number work.
  • How could it be used? - This is a good opportunity to get students working together and learning from each other. As the author suggests, print the cards out onto A3 so there is plenty of room for annotations, split the class up into small groups and get them working out the answers and arranging the pieces in the correct order. What I particularly like is there is a sheet for students to reflect on their understanding after they have completed the activity. This can then lead to more focussed, effective revision on the topics they struggle at.
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