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Treasure Hunt “GCSE Target C”

  • A treasure hunt to help students get a C!
  • What is it? - Treasure Hunt style resources have appeared more than one in this Resource of the Week feature, and that is for the very good reason that they are highly effective resources that students tend to really enjoy. This one is one of my all time favourites. It is targeted at helping students on the all important C/D borderline practice the essential skills that will hopefully help them land upon the right side of that boundary line come results day. There is an excellent mix of questions, and as ever with Treasure Hunts, the fact that the answer is out there somewhere might just spur even the most reluctant of students on a bit to solve the problems.
  • How could it be used? - Treasure Hunts present an ideal opportunity for students to engage in some effective co-operative learning. In terms of preparation, all that needs doing is to print out the treasure hunt cards (possibly on some colourful paper if the mood takes you!) and place them at various points around the classroom. Students could then be split up into pairs or small groups and randomly allocated a starting position. They must then solve each problem, which will direct them towards the next card, with the team who reaches their starting card being declared the winner. A nice follow-up activity to this (if time permits) might be to encourage students to create their own treasure hunts on given topics, allowing them to choose what they consider to be the most challenging questions from their textbooks. This should provide an invaluable insight into any problems or misconceptions the students might be having as well as giving you another set of high quality revision materials.
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