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Maths in the Navy

  • How is maths used in the Navy?
  • What is it? - There is no getting away from the fact that students (and teachers too!) love a video. I often find it somewhat frustrating that someone saying the exact same thing I have been saying remarkably manages to engage and get through to my students just because they appear through the fascinating medium of television instead of plain boring out reality. Having said that, Teachers TV has produced some truly wonderful videos that can do things that would no be possible in the classroom, and this is certainly one of them. The theme of this video is “Maths in the Navy”, but you actually end up getting two things for the price of one, because not only do students get an insight into practical uses for the maths they learn in the classroom, but you also get to benefit from seeing how some of the navy’s disciplinary techniques may work on your young rogues!
  • How could it be used? - There is a danger when showing videos that as soon as the music stops and the screen goes off, the message will be forgotten. To ensure this doesn’t happen, perhaps try doing a preparatory activity such as challenging the students to come up with 5 different types of maths that could be part of everyday life in the Navy. Then, when the video has finished perhaps get them to review their list, or try to come up with 5 jobs where more maths is used, and so on.
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