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  • But sir, when will I use this in the real world?… well, let me tell you!
  • What is it? - “But sir, when will I use this in the real world?”. There’s only so many times you can answer that delightful question with either: (a) maths is more about teaching you to solve problems and think logically or (b) if you become maths teacher or (c) please be quiet. If you are looking for a fresh response, this website might just help you to find it. It provides a comprehensive guide of different careers that involve the use of maths. It is a mixture of articles, pictures, interviews and links on a whole host of things. What I particularly like is the way it is broken up into 11-14, 14-16 and 16-19, so students of all ages can access it and find something appropriate. As well as career specific information, there are lots of different puzzles, problems and just generally interesting features, such as how random is the random shuffle function on an iPod? Not all that random, as it turns out.
  • How could it be used? - As well as using it in class, this website might be good for a computer room lesson. Perhaps get the students into small groups and set them a challenge, such as to create a poster for how maths is used in specific jobs, or to find out 5 interesting facts about maths that would impress someone who hated the subject. If you can encourage students to delve deeply into this wonderful website they might just find quite a few things that will engage and possibly inspire them.
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