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Autograph Video 10 - Raw Data

  • Getting to grips with Statistics using Autograph.
  • What is it? - I’ll come clean from the outset - this description may be a little biased as this is a video from my own weekly series of Autograph tutorials, which look at some of the most important features of the popular dynamic software package. However, the reason I have selected this to be Resource of the Week is not because I love the sound of my own voice (not entirely, anyway), but it is to highlight just how Autograph can easily be used to bring the topic of data and statistics to life. This video provides a brief guide of how you can import raw data from Excel (or simply type in your own) and then use Autograph to work all a whole manner of statistics as well as quickly drawing a dot plot and a box and whisker diagram. The next few videos then take this further to look at creating sample distributions and processing grouped data. The dynamic and time saving nature of this means more time in lesson can be spent discussing and interpreting the data, and thus getting to the heart of what statistics is all about.
  • How could it be used? - I originally created these videos for teachers to dip into whenever they wanted Autograph to do something specific. However, I have had emails from some schools saying that the videos are being used in departmental meetings, with teachers watching them at their own pace and following the instructions. If they can be used as a form of CPD in this way, then all the better. And remember, if you have any specific requests for topics to be covered in the videos, then just drop me an email at
  • How have you used this resource? - Please share your ideas below.
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